Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mesolithic Aquatic Hunter

Just finished another Mesolithic character concept inspired by archaeological evidence. This concept is more of an aquatic hunter compares to the last. Because of this he carries tools used in his hunting  like harpoons, various fish hooks and various implements hanging from his belts. And he also wears the product of the hunting like a mussel and razor shell necklace, seal skin top and fish skin shoes. They probably would have also hunted some animals and birds just for the sake of a particular fur or feather as decoration, so he has some animals like badgers worn as decoration.

Some of what he is wearing is actually based or inspired by European archaeological evidence from the Mesolithic period. So his hair is inspired by Spanish silhouette cave paintings at the time (and a good dose of guesswork, as they are only silhouettes) but some have quite protruding hairstyles, which possibly may have been created with a combination of twigs, leather straps and strings and dirty matted hair (no evidence for combs yet from that period). There has been finds of seashell necklaces from France, though here I used more readily available seashells from Ireland.

Birch bark containers have been foud in Nizhneye Veretye in Eastern Europe, but here the containers dangling from his bag are inspired by the shape of later finds with Otzi but also made of birch bark. As is the leather scabbard from Otzi but the moss hilt is based on an Irish Mesolithic find. The bone fish hooks have been found in northern Germany and Denmark from the time, and the other barbed tools hanging from his belt are based on evidence from Britain and Scandinavia. Finally the Tattoos are mostly from designs found in Denmark on antler shafts or in one case, an oar but the occasional filler is from pebbles found in Mesolithic France and Spain

So as you can see this guy has quite a few bits and bobs inspired by archaeology as well as what materials were available.


Michael Nolan said...

Really nice man, looks like a professional concept design. I would say that it seems very dark though especially the back view

JG O'Donoghue said...

thanks dude! A valid crit, as ya I probably went too nuts with the darks, trying to add more mood to my pieces as they are too bright. But thats better for illustration, Id say in concept design they need to be able to see the character, not just shadow! Was fun to do tho :)