Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mesolithic Shaman

The last of the Mesolithic concepts Im going to do for a while, this one is a Shaman or whatever a religious figure back then would have been called. This one is more fantastical than the others, as she has barely any non perishable materials on her, which are usually the only things found in Mesolithic Sites, except the obsidian rock on the end of her staff, which is one of the worked materials found from Mesolithic Europe. Her tattoos are based off archaeological evidence though, they are from the Ertebølle Paddle found in Denmark..

The rest of her costume is based off what could have been possible at the time. For instance a bear skinned top, using shells sown into tops as decoration, bog cotton hung from her belt etc, these are simple forms of decoration, that were readily available in Ireland as well as elsewhere at the time but wouldnt survive in the archaeological record.

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