Friday, 8 January 2021

Some recent Warhammer Fantasy Pieces

Karak Azgaraz Gate

Mootland- got to stretch the old archaeology muscles for this one

The Dread wood- its great to just do an illustration sometimes like this one

Luitpoldstrasse- its been a while since I had the chance to do a figural piece like this one, was alot of fun

A bit behind things in posting, but here are some recent pieces I did for our, Cubicle 7 Entertainments, WFRP archives of the Empire that was released last month. Thanks has to go out to Pádraig Murphy the producer on this for letting me have some fun on these pieces.  And to all the other creatives who worked on the game, from the graphic design, to writers, to other artists and many other creative inputs involved who made it come to life. As for the game:

 A fascinating and diverse collection of articles on topics that cover the length and breath of the Old World. The first volume focuses on the other species, Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings, whose presence enriches (or enrages) the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Volume I details new locations, careers, and NPCs perfect for inclusion in your next WFRP adventure.

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Friday, 18 December 2020

Duty Beyond Death Out now!

 Cubicle 7 Entertainment 'Duty Beyond Death' is out now! I did the cover art for this great adventure, I  love 40K for that tech horror vibe it has going on, its great fun playing in that sandbox! As for the game:

Duty Beyond Death: something has gone nightmarishly wrong at the Pakthertius Servitor Manufactorum — investigate to discover its arcane technological secrets, and try to be the first to emerge alive! 

Art direction & produced by Zak Dale Clutterbuck,  graphic design by Rachael Macken, along with many more talented artists, writers and other creatives who helped make the book a reality. You can get the PDF now or find out more about the game here:

Friday, 4 December 2020

Age of Sigmar, Starter set- Final pieces

My final batch from Age of sigmar starter set. These ones were such a blast, as they are all part of one sequential story/adventure, journeying deep under brightspear and eventually coming out for the grand finale. I loved going on this journey with the players, using the colours, lighting, and compositional elements, building up tension slowly to the final action packed ending. Also got to design some cool spaces, the age of sigmar setting has much potential for imaginative ideas!

These images were all for the recently released starter set, which helps players enter the world of Age of Sigmar.  Not only do you get a complete learn-as-you-play adventure, you also get a guide to the city of Brightspear and eight new one-page adventures. 

Art direction & produced by Emmet O' Bryne, written by Jacob Rogers, graphic design by Rory McCormick, along with many more talented artists, writers and other creatives who helped make the book a reality. You can get the PDF now or find out more about the game here:

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf out now!

Cover for the Middenheim city guide

One of the bridges into Middenheim

Crowds push their way into the city of Middenheim

Streetview of the city 

The famed hazardous cheap way up to the city, via its chair lifts

Ancient Earthwork at Middenheim

The Morrspark cemetery at the city

Guard dog for the interior

Wanted posters

Here are the images I did for our, Cubicle 7 Entertainments, recently released Middenheim City of the White Wolf. This was such an amazing project to be part of! From the cover to lots of interior pieces of the city, I got to dig in deep into the world building of this amazing Warhammer city. From doing this sort of thing on my own, where I used to do lots of sketches, paintings and maps building up my own cities, to now getting to do this professionally, I am very lucky that in Cubicle 7 I have had this dream come true. 

But no project is the work of one man, and I had some great creative input by Dave Allen, Andy Law & Padraig Murphy. The book was written by Graeme Davis, Dave Allen, Jum Bambra, Sean Masterson. Graphic design by Rachael Macken. As well contributions by many more great artists and creative people! As for Middenheim:

 Famed for its impregnability, set atop the mighty Fauschlag, struck flat by Ulric’s fist, Middenheim commands authority over all who stand beneath its towering presence. Hewn from living rock by peerless Dwarf skill, it is a striking fortress city where Ulric, the God of War, Winter and Wolves, reigns supreme. The sacred Eternal Flame burns pure and bright, in the heart of a city famed throughout the Old World, riven by dark cults, clambering merchants, and seditious schemers. Middenheim has little room for heroes, and less time for wasters, but for canny opportunists with the will and grit to carve a small piece of something better? Well, they might stand a chance.

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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Óenach Cruachain- early medieval seasonal assembly at Rathcroghan

Final painting

Model made using displacements maps from scans of landscape

I am so proud to show you a recent piece commissioned by the Rathcroghan Visitor Centre. It shows rathcroghan during the early middle ages at a time of a seasonal assembly or Óenach. Painted over a 3D model using displacement maps from scans of the landscape for accuracy and based on research into early medieval archaeology it was an absolute joy having a chance to create a greater early medieval irish landscape like this. 

 Its an amazing area, you have so much archaeology in one area, both old and newer. From prehistory you have the iron age barrows, daithi mound and standing stone, the linear earthworks called the Mucklaghs (shown on the left),  a courtomb and the rathcroghan mound, which I have done a reconstruction of myself in the past for Roscommon Co Co. From the early middle ages you have cashels (stone walled ringforts), raths(earthen bank ringforts) of various sizes, from one bank to multiple and their adjoining field systems based on excavated examples. You can also see a small church and its enclosure shown on the lower right of the image. In my opinion, its a perfect example of Irish early medieval life, the respect for the old, still living on and adapted to by the new.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

Hell Rides to Hallt Cover


The cover I did for the upcoming PDF adventure- Hell Rides to Hallt is out! Always fun getting to play in the grim and perilous old world! Produced and art directed by Pádraig Murphy,  written by Chris Handley and co-writer David Whitworth. As for the adventure:

Hell Rides to Hallt is an adventure that explores justice, vengeance, and the twisting of old stories and older faiths. On the road to Hallt, with Hexensnacht perilously close and Morrslieb hanging gibbous in an ominous sky, a coach clatters through the night. Inside, a city-soft lawyer scoffs at tales of a headless horseman scouring the lands, taking heads and leaving widows in his wake. Outside, the heavy beat of galloping hooves draws close. 

More here over at our website:

Moybologue signs up!


Signs up in Moybologue! Great to see the work in situ. See below for more information

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Streets of Brightspear

Brightspear Market- at the foot of Highport

New City- the Sigmarite streets of the new city

Spear of Heaven- base of the central tower in Brightspear

One of the true joys of working in Cubicle 7 is getting to do street scenes like this. A day in a life is what has always pulled me towards RPG's, whole worlds imagined which you get to wonder around and interact with its peoples and environs. Not just play but live in that world for a time. 

These images were all for the recently released starter set, which helps players enter the world of Age of Sigmar.  Not only do you get a complete learn-as-you-play adventure, you also get a guide to the city of Brightspear and eight new one-page adventures. 

Art direction & produced by Emmet O' Bryne, written by Jacob Rogers, graphic design by Rory McCormick. You can get the PDF now or find out more about the game here:

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Age of Sigmar: Starter set is coming!

Brightspears High port, the central port of the city. Was alot of fun designing this one, one of the best things about Age of Sigmar is how far you can go with the imaginative design like this.

The centre of the brightspear city shown from below. This was based on an earlier design, shown in the next image. This shows a street level view from the lower city and the under mechanisms of how the central disk moves up and down, using escapement, the screw and cogs.

Design and overview of the city of the brightspear. We went through a few iterations of this design back at the core book before we boiled it down to this final design

The starter set game book in the age of sigmar universe is coming out soon! Here is some pieces I did from around the city of Brightspear! Was great working with the team filling out and exploring the city, something I always dreamed I would have a chance to do. Something about being part of a team making an entire city from scratch, its the ultimate experience in imaginative world building. Art direction & produced by Emmet O' Bryne, written by Jacob Rogers, graphic design by Rory McCormick. As for the book:

The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Soulbound  Starter Set contains everything needed to have adventures in the Mortal Realms! The Starter Set is chock-full of useful things for your Soulbound game. Not only do you get a complete learn-as-you-play adventure, you also get a guide to the city of Brightspear and eight new one-page adventures — each of these can easily provide a session or two for your group and come with the monsters and information needed to run the adventure (including a few new ones for those of you with the core rulebook). These adventures highlight some of the unique locations in Brightspear, bringing the city to life as a great place to set your first Soulbound campaign.

More here:

Friday, 11 September 2020

Ravenous-Age of Sigmar: Blood Tide


Another piece for our exciting new release over at Cubicle 7, ‘Blood Tide’. This was one of those pieces where I just set pen (albeit wacom pen) to paper (tablet paper) and it made itself, just came out of the values. This shows an encounter between a flesh eater court ship and the boat of the RPG players, Blackfin. Trt directed and produced by Emmet O'Bryne, and written by Jacob Rogers, graphic design by Rory McCormick. More about the adventure here:

Sunday, 23 August 2020

'Its your funeral' game-Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


A recent piece done for another fun game over at Cubicle 7 called 'Its your Funeral'. Was great to dip into this book and get to do a Morrspark! Written by Graeme Davis and art directed and produced by Pàdraig Murphy.  More about the adventure:

"The Garden of Morr is the ultimate levelling ground for the great, the good, and the grubby. Regardless of rank or social status, there is room in Morr’s realm for all those who shuffle, march, or otherwise stumble off this mortal coil. Granted, some of these graves are a little less well presented than others, and the space given over to paupers is little better than a pit, but even so…"

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Age of Sigmar: Blood Tide Cover


Another recent cover for one of our newly released adventures over at Cubicle 7. Anything to do with the city of Anvilgard and Im having a blast. Art directed and produced by Emmet O'Bryne, written by Jacob Rodgers. As for the adventure:

The city of Anvilgard is under threat: Ghoul-infested ships prowl the Searing Sea and attack any vessels that leave port; the aggressive growth of the surrounding jungle threatens to choke the city, and pustulent abominations of Nurgle have washed up in the harbour. Now a Kharadron airship carrying vital supplies has gone missing, thought to have crashed and drowned below the waves. The sun rises red on the City of Scales, bearing the ill omen of the Blood Tide… 

More here:

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Double Trouble released!

Graphic design of cover done by Rachael Macken

The Illustration I did

The cover image I did for the PDF adventure we just released over at Cubicle 7. Inspired by a great initial idea by my producer Pádraig Murphy of having a strange other world shown in the reflection and the final cover  was done by our talented graphic designer Rachael Macken.

Double Trouble explores the fate of the city of Ubersreik, as it teters between direct Imperial control, the influence of the Jungfreuds, and perhaps a glimpse of a more independent future. This section introduces new characters, locations, and plots, and provides suggestions and advice on incorporating developments your Characters may have experienced (or caused!) during the events of The Enemy Within campaign. Continue reading here:

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Age of Sigmar- The Mortal Realms

Chamon- Realm of metal

Ghur- The realm of beasts

Ghyrian- Realm of Life

Hysh- Realm of Light

Ulgu- Realm of Shadows
More pieces I did for our (Cubicle 7) recently released Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound RPG. This time it shows some of the realms in the world of Age of Sigmar. One of the challenges in working in age of sigmar was trying to create a piece that represented each realm. Now the lads over at Games Workshop had produced images for each before, to various degrees, sometimes just one image, other times several. So there was alot of leeway there and for some it took us quite a bit to come up with something but in the end we did. More about each realm can be found here:

Produced and art direction from Emmet Byrne

The splendid game the team made is out in PDF here:

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Close ups of Moybologue Motte & bailey

Since it was asked for, here are some closeups of Moybologue, showing the aspects in more detail. The overall layout and features were based on discussions with  Moybologue Historical Society and the evidence they had gathered from papers, aerial photography, historic photographs and various scans of the landscape.

Some notes, the houses outside of the Motte & Bailey are based on evidence of native Irish creat houses, these newcomers often had the natives living with or near them. The half timber houses within the bailey are cruck houses, which literary evidence points to being here as well.

Also shown is the church and its graveyard which I did a ground view of before, also attached here. The fields are based on remaining field ridge and furrow fields in the UK.

The Motte tower is based on research into the evidence from Ireland and in Europe like the Bayeux tapestry among others. The same goes for the features within the bailey, like the main hall and below it, the training ground for soldiers as well as an interior orchard etc. While the design of the gatehouse is based on evidence from medieval illustrated manuscripts from France.

Friday, 10 July 2020

Temple to Sigmar- Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound corebook

One of the early pieces I did for our recently released Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound RPG. Before working on Sigmar, I had always worked on fantasy that stuck fairly close to realism/history, like lord of the rings or warhammer fantasy, which were great to work on too. But with Sigmar, I got to play with a whole new world of effects, atmosphere and.... what can only be called AWESOME! Its such a great experience leaving the imagination go wild and running with it. A good rule of thumb with Sigmar, any time you find yourself thinking wouldnt be amazing if... you can just put that right in!

Produced and art direction from Emmet Byrne

The splendid game the team made is out in PDF here:

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Zbrush blast from the past!

Roodstown Spearhead & Rock sculpting

 I havent seen this stuff in so long, but after chatting about zbrush with Scott Purdy there, I took a look and thought people may be interested see what I was up to way back in 2008-2009. Some were even from a 3D comic I did for college.

These were all done in the digital sculpting platform zbrush. I remember I used to sculpt traditionally with clay at the same time. Was mad into researching into the history of sculpture from classical to Bernini to Rodin! I learnt so much from those days.

I did keep up normal 3D, picking up and putting down, that was a journey too, starting with 3ds max, to sketchup, cinema 4D, and now playing with blender. But zbrush isnt something you can use usually in archaeology, sadly.

Man I miss that sometimes though! Sculpting in the round was so much fun. I have to go back at some stage! Time! Where is the infinite time I need! :(

Friday, 26 June 2020

Experiments in Film Noir

Some pieces from a while ago. Explorations in simplification to mostly just shape and light. The challenge was to tell a cinematic story and still make it feel film noir even with the simplification. This way of working, while not really painterly, it is very direct, clear and fast. I have to say its a great experience watching it unfold and alot of fun trying to simplify everything to their core shapes with minimal volume. Also find it leave lots of room for interpretation, for me anyway!

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Survival- Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound corebook

Another piece in the corebook of our (Cubicle 7 Entertainment) Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound RPG. Showning an inventive form of farming, showing vertical gardens. Also had some fun using an escapement mechanic to drive elevators up and down, dont try it home folks! Produced and art direction from Emmet Byrne.

The splendid game the team made is out in PDF here: