Saturday, 10 October 2020

Streets of Brightspear

Brightspear Market- at the foot of Highport

New City- the Sigmarite streets of the new city

Spear of Heaven- base of the central tower in Brightspear

One of the true joys of working in Cubicle 7 is getting to do street scenes like this. A day in a life is what has always pulled me towards RPG's, whole worlds imagined which you get to wonder around and interact with its peoples and environs. Not just play but live in that world for a time. 

These images were all for the recently released starter set, which helps players enter the world of Age of Sigmar.  Not only do you get a complete learn-as-you-play adventure, you also get a guide to the city of Brightspear and eight new one-page adventures. 

Art direction & produced by Emmet O' Bryne, written by Jacob Rogers, graphic design by Rory McCormick. You can get the PDF now or find out more about the game here:

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