Saturday, 8 February 2020

Dune/Pueblo Sci Fi Sketches

Recently I was recovering from an operation and in the downtime I was reading about SW native american architecture, specifically the Mogollan, Anasazi and Pueblo traditions of architecture as well as watching some lectures on the first cities in the world: Çatalhöyük and Jericho. Always wanted to take the time to read more about the Pueblo such a fascinating and advanced culture with such a distinctive architecture and often placed in magnificent locations like mesas. Its surprising too how similar these cities in America are too the earlier cities of the middle east, and Id say alot of archaeologists look to the pueblo cities to fill out what these earlier cities may have looked like.

While I was doing this I am also playing with combining these cultures to create a new one, albeit with a good mix of sci fi thrown in as Im reading Dune at the moment. Was looking at how batteries and early radio worked as well to see what fun stuff the combination could bring up. Still early days yet and definitely needs a few more design phases to get beyond the initial archaeological inspiration but here are some initial traditional biro sketches to start. Was fun to be get a chance to do some serious sketching with a pen, I always sketch every day with pen but usually just rough ideas and I dont do a full concept with it

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