Saturday, 5 October 2019

Richmond Castle, English Heritage

Richmond castle as it would have been seen in the 11th Century, commissioned by English Heritage a few months back. The image shows the castle as it would have looked like just after it was first built by the early Norman conquerors of England. It was built by Alan Rufus, Duke of Brittany, to control the north for Normans. And once again shows the term "Norman" shouldnt be used, as it was a northern French invasion of England and all over northern France they came, even Flemish from the lowlands.

This was a great project to work on as English heritage have full time historians who research for your illustration. Which is great as it adds a whole another layer to the image, as that person can spend the time digging deep into the research and so I also learn alot from the experience. So aspects like three different kinds of wattle fencing, several different styles of housing materials, colours of clothing came from this rich research and makes the image much more of a team work experience.

More about the castle can be found here:

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