Friday, 7 December 2018

Pierowall 17th century church

Pierowall 17th century Presbyterian church, Westray, Orkney Islands, 'Commissioned by Historic Environment Scotland'
Another piece of mine done for Historic Environment Scotland. This time a 17th Century Presbyterian church on the island of Westray, in the Orkney islands. It was an interesting challenge, especially for the researchers over in Historic Environment Scotland, as 17th century churches arent often reconstructed, so they had to do some heavy lifting in the research. The church itself had some lovely tombstones, like the one shown in the chancel here. We missed out on the tombstones in the graveyard, which many did have rich engravings on their fronts but the angle chosen for the image was nicer for the overall site. One would think that such a secluded community would be quite poor but it was actually a major shipping route from the prehistory till now, so members would have been reaped the benefits. That wealth is not shown alot in the church though, as Presbyterians believed in simplicity in the decoration and so walls were left unadorned.


H.B. said...

Greetings! Awesome website! We just finished reading “The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow” by Allen French (1904) and there were many Orkney men in the story. Really neat to see your rendition of the church and surrounding countryside. Thanks!

JG O'Donoghue said...

Hello HB! Im glad to hear you enjoyed the image so much, the Orkneys are great, alot there.