Wednesday, 23 May 2018


I have been having alot of fun recently developing worlds, here is another one I have been working on. Inspired by the stories of Cabeza De Vaca and Francisco de Orellana. It tells the other story of the Conquistadors, while alot were in involved in bloody conquest, many ended up getting lost or stranded and wondering the Americas. Some even joining the side of the natives against their fellow Europeans, others spent their lives battling for the rights of the natives. Others still became great explorers in their own right, being the first non Americans to set eyes on the wonders of the new world. And encountering other peoples who up till then had no experience of each other. This is probably about as close as we will ever come to meeting aliens, both for Europeans and Americans, we were both complete aliens to each other, and as about as strange to each other as if we had just landed from space ships

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