Monday, 29 January 2018

Rus Character Thumbnails

The main character options. I picked the name Odin, for the obvious pagan association and also as it means Fury 

The Wife of the main character. They are both people who live in the frozen wild of Russia

The Rus have recently converted to Christinity, Eastern Christianity, this shows the possibilities for the priest who feels out of sorts in his new environment

Some options for the Varangians or Eastern Vikings you could face

Some options for the Sami allies of the Rus

Some of the many little quick thumbnail sketches I have done so far, in the Eastern Viking world Im creating.

So far the story is  a fairly straight forward revenge story. Where the main characters wife was stolen by slavers and he then goes into the lions lair to rescue her. Its also a story of the old versus the new, the new industrious adaptable Vikings vs the ancient pagan Vikings

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