Monday, 11 July 2016

Adopt a monument Scheme

Round Hill Motte & Bailey, now overgrown with trees, but you can see how huge it is

Various photos of myself (in blue) getting some handson experience with Geophysics
Yesterday I helped out the remote sensing survey of Round Hill outside Lismore, a very impressive Motte & Bailey (which may even be a late medieval conversion of a pre-historic hillfort!). Had fun getting some handson learning of some of the techniques of geophysics. Check out the great Adopt a Monument Ireland scheme, they are doing some amazing work around the country trying to reconnect communities with their local heritage and take responsibility of them. Give them a like and your support!


Ali Isaac said...

What a great idea! Wonder what's going on in my area...

JG O'Donoghue said...

I thought so too Ali! They are really nice people too. I think there is only 5 sites in the country though, as this is their first year, they are hoping to continue it next year if it goes well. Cant remember where all the sites they have are, I think one is in Donegal, another in Cavan, 2 in Waterford and there is one more but I cant remember where. Well I suppose there will be more info on their facebook page etc. Best of luck!