Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mesolithic/Hunter Gatherer Temporary shelter concepts

Initial Sketches

The more evolved sketches

I have been playing around with Mesolithic/Hunter Gatherer dwellings recently, in these I explored the concept of the temporary shelter, which would have been used for a very short time, so not alot of effort would have been put into its construction. For inspiration I have been looking at other Hunterer Gatherer peoples in history and in the present and how they construct their dwellings, amazing the things people make their dwellings from.  The first image shows the initial thumbnail sketches and then the final 4 taken from these and evolved a little further.


Michael Nolan said...

I always figured they would be very neat and tidy, even a temporary one used on a hunting trip or something, because they did it so much and would be good at it and of course wouldn't want to risk it falling on them during the night or coming apart in a storm or something :)

JG O'Donoghue said...

Ya I suppose its a tough one, looking at alot at some hunter gatherers, their shelters seem very slapdash altogether, just thrown together, whatever at hand, and it works, no attention besides. Others, their huts are very finely crafted. But I suppose it would depend how long they were staying, a night? 3 nights? A week? Like if you were staying a night, or 2 or 3, would bother spending 2 or 3 hours on a shelter? Like some of the nicer dwellings like Teepees, were dwelled in for weeks or months at a time