Thursday, 4 February 2016

Mesolithic Huts Concepts

I have been messing around with various ideas for Mesolithic huts recently. I wasnt so much looking at a specific site plan and sticking to it but more looking at other hunter gatherer societies around the world and playing around the various shapes and materials that could have been used in the Mesolithic.

One of the things that is striking though, when looking at world cultures like that, is that each cultures dwellings have such a strong visual design that is so distinctive to them. Some of that is of course what is available locally or an adaptation to their environment. But I think there is more to it, I think the look is also part of their distinctive culture. Which was the result of slow but deliberate decisions by generations of those people to a design they liked themselves, that showcased to the world their difference and distinctiveness. And id imagine it probably was the same for Mesolithic peoples in Europe too, well thats my theory anyways!

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