Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Waterfords Reginalds Tower Heritage Signs

The location of the images, right beside reginalds tower and the reconstruction of a Viking boat,, thats them there on the right with the guy beside them
I only did the illustrations in the boards, not the graphic design, so the picture of the people and the boat isnt mine, but the boat prow above it is. In the other one, the two scenes are mine but the map isnt.
The painted the image of the boat prow
The two images of the town wall are mine, with the figures. They show the town wall as it was when it connected to Reginalds tower, the walls are now just in the pub beside, including some of the embrasure.

A few months ago I was hired by Waterford Treasures to do illustrations for heritage signage to go up beside Reginalds tower.They put them up recently!

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