Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sketch Snorkeling & Ceann Heilbhic/Helvic Head

Cé Heilbhic/Helvic Quay, its actually Waterford Gaeltacht

The sheltered little cove we did our sketch snorkeling
The sketch snorkelers with our waterproof paper & back boards, a normal wood graphite pencil is all u need ontop

The island we swam out too and climbed, you can see it there in the middle, was quite the journey out to it!

The fun results of our attempt at sketching underwater, mine is the bottom right hand corner

The Slip at Ceann Heilbhic/Helvic Head

An Coinigéar, a narrow peninsula that stretches across Dungarvan Bay

Myself and some other intrepid sketch adventurers, went to Helvic Head over the weekend to see what happens when you combine sketching and snorkeling. The result was alot of fun! After we swam out to the nearby island and sketch snorkeled along the way, we came back and did a scenic drive around Helvic head checking out its piers, village and the narrow peninsula named 'An Coinigéar'

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