Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sketch Island & The Village of Sceitse- Blascad mór

Perched on a rock outcrop looking down at the hostel we stayed in

Walking in Rain & Mist in the second day, not comfortable but atmospheric

The surprise of the trip, the head of the island covered in flowers

One of the many light shows in the island

The village

Part of the art community or sketch village we setup there for 4 days

One of the many amazing sunsets while there
Just back from a few days on Blascad Mór, off the Dingle peninsula, one of Irelands and Europes most westernly points. What an amazing place to call home for a few days and setup a temporary art village with Sceitse, inhabited by 26 intrepid sketchers. Many laughs had, surrounded by much beauty and lots of sketching, cant ask for a better time :)

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