Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sketches from Kilkenny

Kilkieran High Cross, South Kilkenny County

Sketch of a Mesolithic Hunter done during the Drink & Draw
Im a bit behind on things, but here are two sketches I did during the Kilkenny Sceitse a few weeks ago. In case you dont know, Sceitse is an open group of sketch adventurers, and we meet once or month or more to go sketch exploring somewhere in Ireland.

The first sketch is of Kilkieran High Cross, which was one of the many great sites we visited in southern county Kilkenny and the second is a sketch done while at the Drink & Draw in Kilkenny with our sister group Drink & Draw Kilkenny who teamed up with us and Cork Drink & Draw for the weekend. One of the best Sceitses I have been to for sure

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