Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Waterford Medieval Museum

Part of the 1st of the museum, nice collection of religious medieval artefacts 

Top floor of the museum, bits of domestic, commercial and military life in Waterford in the middle ages

The crowning achievement of the museum, the only medieval vestments from Northern Europe remaining. I returned to this place 3-4 times, just staring at the amazing detail

Silk thread made in Italy, then embroidered in Bruges in Belgium, insane beauty in this work!

A portion of the True Cross, where Jesus Christ was crucified, never seen such before

On Sunday I popped over to the Medieval Museum in Waterford. What a great plce! So much there, I spent 6 hours just hanging out, learning, taking photos and sketching. I was surprised how much stuff they had, definitely the best medieval museum in the country after the National Museum in Dublin. I would recommend spending the day there if you're in the area!

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