Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Sense of Place Exhibit

Name of Exhibit-A Sense of Place
Opening Night-7th of March 6:30 pm
Dates of exhibit-1st - 30th of March
Venue-Bishopstown Library, Wilton, Cork City
Opening Hours-10 am - 5:30 pm

 Exhibition Info: 

'A Sense of Place' is a new solo exhibition by emerging Cork artist JG O'Donoghue, exploring the Irish landscape in Ink through the perspectives of language and archaeology. Focusing on placenames and prehistoric monuments and these two ways in which people have viewed, altered and interacted with the landscape. These respresent an attempt to humanise and shape the land of Ireland and in so doing express a sense of place.  The making of megalithic monuments marked a turning point in landscape history, this was the the time man went from merely inhabiting the land, to altering and adding to it substantially. They were our first permanent structures, so these monuments mark the first enduring connection between man and place, our first known sense of place. Placenames are the most immediate connection between people and place, language being the medium in which we connect our inside self with the world around us, by naming the landscape we make the outside world part of our inside self, marking another sense of place. A sense of place is like other senses it's hard to define but innate and integral to people's identity and sense of belonging. The pasts people used the landscape as a medium, the naming of it or marking it with monuments were the ways in which they expressed their sense of place and it is this which this exhibition explores.

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