Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cullaun/Collán, Standing Stone/Gallán, Co. Tipperary

This is one of the cullaun standing stones, near Roscrea, in Co. Tipperary Ireland. There are many single standing stones spread around this area, which are believed to have once been part of a large stone circle, now many are gone with only a few remaining standing by themselves.

Standing stones would be quite a common and familiar sight in the irish countryside, the largest concentration of these standing stones is in the south west of ireland, with about 600 examples still left standing, but they have a wide geographical distribution, with atleast one in every county. They are called Gallán or Dallán in irish or gaeilge, though there are many location variations to this and some have been given names in themselves.


The Standing Stone said...

Lovely image...I know these stones well.

JG O'Donoghue said...

Thanks, I love painting standing stones and the like, they make great subjects. yer site is great as well, been reading it sporadically for a long time on google reader, very informative and always interesting locations, ye have given me many places to add to my list of places to see.