Friday, 1 April 2011

Shield Painting Finished!

I finally finished painting my shield after adding calico to the front and back in a few layers, now all thats left is to put the lovely shield boss I got off Jess and put on some raw hide on the rim.

Tá sé mo sciath agus chríochnaigh mé Péintéireacht é. Anois, caithfidh mé a chuir an boss as jess ar an sciath agus chuir mé an raw hide ar an taobh.


aspiring_x said...

dude! that's awesome! you are an art machine lately!!

JG O'Donoghue said...

Thanks! twas fun to do too, tho now ill have to get back to more serious work :( how are u anyways? And the kids?

aspiring_x said...

the boys are doing good! oldest was really sick there for a couple weeks (again) but he's doing better now! middle one is causing TONS of trouble at school! and the little one might need hearing aids!!! it's always something going on with kids! :)

ooooohhhh!!!! i have super cool art news that i should be allowed to talk about next week!!!! the first time i'm getting paid for my art! i'm super excited! so! next monday or tuesday i'll be posting about it! :)

how's everything going for you?

JG O'Donoghue said...

ah cool, sounds like the kids are a handful, suppose thats their job, to keep u on ur toes! My girlfriend is a pre-school teacher and she is always getting something from the kids, and then it passes to me, so seems normal for kids to be sick with something!

Ah great news, congratulations on the paid work! I hope its the start of many such payments!

As for me, im grand, nothing really exciting to report, just working away and living away :)