Sunday, 4 July 2021

AoS: Soulbound, Steam & Steel


Its been a while since I did a post but we have been busy making games over at Cubicle 7. Here are three pieces I did for the AoS: Soulbound RPG 'Steam & Steel' PDF. A big thank you has to go out to Producer Emmet Byrne, who chipped in along the way, from concept to final tweaks, and to Elaine Lithgow, head writer, for her ideas, like all work in C7, these pieces are the work of a few minds not one. Thanks too has to go to the graphic designer Rory McCormack who makes me look good and all the other artists, writers and creative ppl who contribute to a book like this. As for the game:

"Aether-powered Kharadron sky-ships soar through the clouds, Corsair wolf-ships cut through the waves armed with monster-hunting harpoons, and helblaster volley guns erupt from the walls of the Free Cities. The cogs of war are ever-turning, and the Mortal Realms are in need of talented smiths."

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