Saturday, 1 May 2021

Refuges of the Realms Cover

Another recent cover done for another one of our games over at Cubicle 7 entertainments, this time 'Refuges of the Realms' in the age of sigmar universe. As always this isn't really mine alone, but the work of the few. Thanks has to go to the Producer, Emmet Byrne, who I have been slowly developing the world of Age of Sigmar a piece at a time. Also to Rachael Macken for the graphic design. And for the many talents that go to creating these books.

As for the book:

Refuges of the Realms presents nine refuges to use in your campaign, as well as items, stat-blocks, and adventure hooks to support these new locations. The refuges include not only the forces of Order, but also Death and Destruction subfactions who don’t mind crossing allegiances for their own benefit. In even the most inhospitable lands, the party can find allies — but they must fight hard if they want these sanctuaries to last.

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