Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Casltelyons Friary/Mainistir Chaisleán Ó Liatháin

A sketch from the July Islander trip last weekend were we explored around the area of Rathcormac. This was one of the sites we visited, its a still mostly intact friary in the centre of Castlelyons village, the sketch shown here is from the Courtyard or Cloister area looking towards the central tower. Besides the tower, the church area as well as the corridor that leads up to it, survive quite well, there is also the remains of some nice 13th century grave slabs inside the church. The only part that seems to be completely destroyed is the Refectory area, where there is now a road.

The friary was founded in 1307 by John De Barry for the Carmelite friars. This area originally belonged to the Ó Liatháin clan but was taken by the Norman Barry family in the 13th century. The name of the area still bears the name of the original owners though, as its known in Irish as Chaisleán Ó Liatháin, with even the English name carrying the same name, with Lyons just being an anglicisation of Liatháin.

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